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Characteristics & Behaviors


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  • Advocate and mentor
  • Good communicator (articulate and a good listener)
  • Strong character (courageous, honest, trustworthy, kind, understanding, patient, emphathetic...)
  • Experienced "with practical, applicable knowledge" (variety of strategies and useful suggestions)
  • Available and committed
  • Organized
  • Effective inter/and intrapersonal skills
  • Student centered
  • A reflective practioner and models such strategies for students
  • Visionary (sees the big picture
  • Encourages risk taking (willing to change and try new things-mistakes are o.k.)
  • Combines theory and practice
  • Understands learning styles and how they affect the learning/supervision process
  • Sees the potential in students and their possibilities
  • Encourages students to develop a unique professional identity (Master's of own destiny)
  • Provides positive and appropriate feedback
  • Understands relationship between assessment and evaluation (formative and summative)

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